Dress Style Guide

Did you know TJ Formal has experts who can help you look the very BEST in your dress? Between our in house fashion designer and our owner who is formally educated in fashion, plus our decades of experience, we can teach you how to choose wisely when picking out a formal dress.
We will help you discover your true body style and what looks good on you. Also, what looks...not so good. Finding your perfect dress means not only finding a style you like, but also a style that looks good on your body style and fits you well. Be comfortable and confident in your beautiful new look!
Any terms can be found in our Fashion Glossary.
Rectangle body shape

The Rectangle body style means your waist is a little larger and more inline with your bust and hips. If you are finding as you check size charts on dresses that your waist measurement is consistently putting you in a larger size, then this could be your body style.

The best styles for a Rectangle body style:

Necklines (with Spaghetti Straps or Strapless): Halter, Sweetheart, V-neckline

Waistlines (with Mid to Low backs):Empire, Natural, Low

Skirts: Ball Gown, Circle, Wrap, Dirndl, Straight




Hourglass body shapeHOURGLASS

An Hourglass shape is very curvy with the bust and hips being about the same measurement and a very defined waistline. Many, many dress styles look great on this body style, with just a few things to avoid.
Best features for an Hourglass shape:
Necklines (with Spaghetti Straps or Strapless): Halter, Sweetheart, V-necklines

Waistlines (with Mid to Very Low backs): 
Empire, Natural, Low
Skirts: Mermaid, Straight, Asymmetrical, Wrap skirts


Inverted triangle body shapeINVERTED TRIANGLE
The Inverted Triangle body style means you have a larger bust, tapering down to the waist and then smaller hips. For the larger bust, you will need a dress that has a supportive bodice. 

Best features for an Inverted Triangle body style:

Necklines (with Thick Straps or Strapless): Sweetheart, V-neck, Scoop, Square

Waistlines (with Mid to Low backs with Lace-ups):
 Natural, Empire, Low 

Skirts (with Wraps, Tiers or Layers): Mermaid, Straight, Ball Gown




Triangle body shapeTRIANGLE
A Triangle body style is sometimes called a "pear" shape. It's a smaller bust with wider hips. You will need a fuller skirt and a bodice with embellishments.

Best features for an Triangle body style:

Necklines (with Spaghetti Straps or Strapless):  Plunging V-neck, Sweetheart necklines

Waistlines (with Mid to Very Low, Lace-up or Open backs): Basque, Low, Empire 

Skirts (with Layers or Draped): Ball Gown, Circle skirts 

Full figure body shapeFULL
A Full body style means you have a fuller bust that will probably need more support, a wider waist and wider hips. There are many styles that look great on you!

Best features for a Full body style:
Necklines: Halter V-neck, Scoop with Thick Straps, Square with Thick Straps 

Waistlines (with Mid backs with Lace-Ups): Empire, Natural
Skirts: A-line, Circle, Ball Gown



Diamond body shape

A Diamond body style means you have a fuller waist, with a smaller bust and hips. Stay away from dresses that are fitted at the waist or have belts.

Best features for a Diamond body style:
Necklines (with Halter or Thick Straps): V-neck, Scoop, Square, Sweetheart

Waistlines (with Mid to Low backs with Lace-ups):
 Empire, Basque 

 A-line, Ball Gown
What is your body type?